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Elevator Console

Elevator console

Lifts or elevators often indicate, both inside and next to doors, the direction they are moving and the floor they are currently at.
3-segment arrows labeled

Up ab and down bc arrows

Since they usually can only go up 3-segment arrows ab and down 3-segment arrows bc, a 3-segment display may be used for arrows.

Full Arrows
^ v |
3-segment arrows none 3-segment arrows ab 3-segment arrows bc 3-segment arrows a 3-segment arrows c 3-segment arrows b 3-segment arrows ac 3-segment arrows abc

Different cultures, countries and languages have different ways to designate floors. Probably the most universal approach is to assign the ground level zero 7-segment abcdef and count up from there, or down for underground floors. This requires an optional minus sign 7-segment g in front of the digit 7-segment g7-segment abdeg and additional digits are necessary 7-segment bc7-segment abdeg7-segment abcdg for skyscrapers; these can be combined with each other since there tend to be only few sub-levels 7-segment g7-segment none7-segment abdeg. A plus sign is redundant and is not possible with standard 7-segment displays.

If first letters are used instead, problems may arise.

9-segment ´` labeled

K is efhi with this arrangement of 9 segments

In German, the ground floor is called Erdgeschoss 7-segment adefg, and Untergeschoss 7-segment bcdef may be used for basements (possibly followed by a digit 7-segment bcdef7-segment abdeg when it substitutes a minus sign), but Keller is preferred especially for single ones. Therefore, a German Aufzug ‘lift’ is not unlikely to employ a 9-segment display capable of displaying the letter K, if it does not use dot matrix displays of course. When there are only three floors – lower, main and upper Obergeschoss – there may be no digits at all: 7-segment bcdef7-segment acdef, 7-segment adefg7-segment acdef, 7-segment abcdef7-segment acdefG representing Geschoss ‘floor’, although the French loan Etage is common elsewhere.

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